Seattle Nativity

We participate in a weekly mentoring program where we facilitate engineering discussions, give design advice, and provide programming support to middle school students at Seattle Nativity School. Seattle Nativity is a Catholic, Jesuit-endorsed, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) middle school that is committed to helping under-served students close the widening achievement gap in Central and South Seattle.


VEX IQ League Events and Tournaments

As a team, we adminstrate VEX IQ events around Washington state. We are responsible for refereeing matches, inspecting robots, tournament managing, and providing support to the event and the teams that participate.


Sponsoring Emerging Engineers

Seattle Prep Robotics sponsors Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Seattle that are starting out in VEX Robotics. This includes providing support, coaching, and materials. This is important to us because these students are the future generations of engineers. The schools we sponsor include St. Matthew, St. Luke, Our Lady of Fatima, and Seattle Nativity.

The girls team at Seattle Nativity at practice

Why is service important?

Service is valuable to us because we learn to be teachers, mentors, and support systems for young people emerging in robotics. By doing this service, we are influencing future generations of engineers by motivating them to set goals for themselves and teaching them about working as a team, solving problems, and strategizing along with general engineering skills.

What have we learned from serving our community?

Volunteering for VEX IQ has improved our leadership skills significantly. This experience has challenged us to administrate conversations with young engineers and assist them in creating new ideas and strategies. We have been able to enhance our discussion abilities by encouraging the students to communicate with each other and analyze their strengths and weaknesses after each match.