To continue to preform and be successful it is important to stay safe. Check out our Seattle Prep safety rules, test and knowledge videos.


Learn some tips and tricks about how gears work and how to calculate gear ratios. Gears are important in any robot and allow you to increase speed and torque.


Pneumatics are a system of air pressure that are an important consideration to any robot. Check out the pneumatics page for further details and a sample layout.


RobotC is a great programing language for VEX VRC and IQ. Check out our RobotC page for some tips, tricks and samples. These include how to program mecanum wheels and where to find sample programs.

Fusion 360

Fusion 360 is a CAD modeling program that lives in the cloud. It contains the full VEX VRC part library, which makes it perfect for team usage. Check out our  Fusion 360 page to learn more.