Brace yourself the robots are coming

Watch out the robots are coming to take you to and from school, your teacher is a robot, your dentist sends you home with a robot toothbrush, your dog is walked by a robot…..

Design, Invent, Build.....

This years topic for the extravaganza is "Robotics Technology in your Community", show your creativity and invent ways robots will help you, your family or society in our daily tasks! Dazzle us, surprise us and be ready to share. Create teams of K -2nd graders, 3 - 5th graders and 6-8th graders and come to Seattle Preparatory School on Saturday May 6th and share your ideas!


Program Rules

The full rules for participating in the Robotics Extravaganza can be downloaded here (pdf). A flyer for the event maybe downloaded here as well (pdf).



Use VEX IQ, EV3, Arduino or other robot platform, and program your inventions to operate autonomous.



Register up to three teams per school, a K - 2nd grade team, 3rd - 5th grade team and a 6th - 8th grade team.  To register teams please complete this google form.

Join us...

Catholic School Robotics Extravaganza

“Robotics Technology in your Community”
Saturday May 6th, 9:00AM - 11:00AM
Seattle Prep Gym
Contact Willem Scholten at