Team 98333D working on their robot

Our Approach

Our team values having fun and encouraging each other as well as building and playing to the best of our abilities. We all get along very well and we really enjoy robotics class. When it comes to building a robot, we value compromising and putting all of our ideas together to create something unique and successful. When we started brainstorming, we found that we all preferred the idea of having a claw pick up the stars and cubes. After that, we put all of our individual suggestions together and we created a successful robot.

Meet the Team

This team is a group of freshman boys who work together very well and share similar interests, as well as bringing their own talents and experience to the table.


Maxwell Zipperer


Maxwell is in 9th grade. This is his fourth year participating in robotics. Max spends his free time playing guitar and doing kung fu at the dojo.

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Nathaniel Hancock


Nathaniel is in 9th grade. This is his first year in robotics, but he has been interested in programming since middle school. In his free time, Nathaniel likes to play strategy games.


Diego Merlos


Diego is in 9th grade. This is his first year in the robotics program at Seattle Prep, but he has been interested in engineering for a long time. Diego dreams to become an engineer after graduating college. He speaks English and Spanish fluently. Aside from robotics, Diego likes to play soccer and watch Netflix.

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Ryan Boyle


Ryan is in 9th grade. This is his first year in robotics. He builds bikes in his free time and he loves potatoes and matzah soup. Ryan also plays the saxophone and his favorite color is green.