Mirabelle, Kieran, and David tightening screwa

Our Approach

Our team values teamwork, determination, hard work, and perseverance. This year our team has faced a great deal of problems, including stripped gears, broken encoders, and leaks in our pneumatic system. Although these difficulties cost us large amounts of time, it brought us closer as a team and we were able to come together and build a strong, dependent robot. Throughout this season, we have succeeded in staying true to our values and supporting each other's learning and growth, which has aided our development into strong engineers.

Meet the Team


Mirabelle Scholten


Mirabelle is in 10th grade. She has been involved in robotics for eight years. She loves scuba diving. Her dream is to be an engineer for UNICEF.


Kieran Borland


Kieran is in 12th grade. He has been interested in robotics ever since he was a child. When he was introduced to programming in middle school. he developed a passion for engineering and computer science. In his free time, Kieran plays hockey and lacrosse.


David Lopez-Kypreos


David is in 10th grade. He has been interested in engineering for as long as he can remember. He loves to play baseball, football, and basketball in his free time. David hopes to go to Stanford and study engineering after graduating high school.


Olivia Linke

Online Challenge Coordinator/Designer

Olivia is in 10th grade. She joined the robotics program this year, not knowing what it would be like. So far, she is enjoying her experience and she plans to continue doing robotics. Aside from robotics, she plays soccer and coaches girls volleyball.