Our Approach

Our team focuses on creative thinking, detailed planning, and adaptive thought processes. Our team was assembled a few weeks after the start of the season, so it was important that we developed strong team building skills and cooperated with each other. It is vital to our strategy that we are able to learn and grow together as a team. This season, we have improved on our focus and strategizing skills through communication and determination during practices and competitions.

Meet Team 98333A

The most unique thing about this team is that they have not assigned specific roles for each person. They share the responsibilities equally because they are a small team and they use their individual talents to contribute to all aspects of their robot.


Aedan Brown

Aedan is in 10th grade. This is his second year in robotics. He has been interested in engineering for five years. He does crew in his free time and he has a dog named Coco.

Team 98333A robot

Eddie Miller

Eddie is in 10th grade. He has been involved in robotics for two years. He plays many instruments, including guitar, bass, drums, and piano. Eddie hopes to study engineering in college.


Benjamin Galindo-Navarro

Benji is in 11th grade. In sixth grade, he took a programming class in school and he developed a passion for programming. During his sophomore year in high school, he took a computer science class that reignited his passion for coding. Later that year, he decided to join the robotics program and found a passion for engineering. Benji dreams to be an engineer when he gets older. He also runs across country for Seattle Prep in his free time.